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How Long Does Tinting Last?

Similar to cars, all tinting films eventually break down. When this happens depends on the quality of the film itself, the amount of exposure to sunlight, and the workmanship of the tinter who installed the film.

The worst dyed window film can show signs of color fading in a matter of months under intense sunlight. The average hybrid type film lasts for 5 years, and the best quality metalized sputtered or deposition window film can last for a decade.

The picture on the right shows rear window film on its last legs. This is a classic example of cheap car tint coming apart under the intense Florida sun. Bubbles have formed under the film giving it an uneven and splotchy appearance. Additionally, the dyed window film itself has turned a purplish hue, indicating that cheap dye was used in the film.

To prevent this type of mistake, buy your tint from a reputable dealer that uses quality film. They will offer window film warranty of 5-years or lifetime warranty on the performance and color of the tint. If any problems with the tint develop, you can take your car back to the shop and get it replaced.


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