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Coral Tint works very close with several Marinas. Don't let the heat and glare ruin your fun on the water. Window Film enhances the look of your boat, while protecting your valuables and furniture. Coral tint will provide you with products that are compatible with advanced technologies such as LED screens, sensors, and GPS systems. We will be blocking the sun out not your signal. Call us to get your boat or vessel tinted.

Professional Marine Window Tinting Services In Pompano Beach Fl, Fort Lauderdale Fl, Dania beach Florida,

Thought that only cars benefit from tinting? Well, you are wrong! There are a thousand reasons why you should tint your marine vessel too and the Coral Tint is here to help you with its reliable, top quality marine tinting solutions.
As one of the leading marine tinting services providers in Dania, Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, we help boat and yacht owners to maintain their vessels and keep them in great shape throughout the year We have gained an enviable reputation in the field of marine window tinting in the last 20 years.

Why Should You Tint Your Boat?

If you want to boost the appearance of your vessel and keep scratches on the glass at bay, your best bet is to choose a reliable marine tinting company. So, if you haven’t considered tinting the windows of your boat ever, now is the best time to get it done!
Not only will the interiors of the boat feel cooler and comfortable, but tinted windows also give you a clearer, glare-free view of the horizon, thus keeping you safe even when you are riding the seas. At the same time, your boat will be protected against the sun’s harsh UV rays that can cause your prized possession as well as the valuables inside to fade with time.
A boat’s window glass often has some amount of tinting but that is not enough for the tropical, humid climate of Florida. For proper protection from heat and to reduce glare significantly, choose our Marine tinting films to shade your luxury and high-end vessels’ windows.
Apart from this, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that our marine window tinting services will also help you to save up on your boat’s fuel! Your boat is less likely to become warmer when it has tinted windows, meaning that your boat’s air conditioners won’t have to work overtime and extra hard to keep the interiors cool. This will ultimately also make your cooling systems last longer and lead to lower air conditioning maintenance bills. Moreover, as your boat’s interiors, carpets, vinyl, and other fixtures won’t be exposed to the sun’s rays, these too, will remain in good condition for years to come. The benefits are endless!

Increased safety

Tinting your boat helps to keep your interior protected from harmful UV rays. It also reduces glare, increasing your visibility and lessening eye strain. It can also keep you safe in the instance of the glass breaking.

Weather Protection

The layer of film helps your windows stand up to scratches and watermarks from storm debris. Marine tint can stand up to extreme winds and force, protecting your investment.

Crime Protection

Glass is an easy point of access for burglars to gain entry. Not only does tint help keep your interior private from prying eyes, but it is also more difficult to break or penetrating, acting as a deterrent for thieves.

Improve your health, privacy and home

energy conservation with residential window tint!

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